In 2019, Rouchon Paris post-produced 20 films, 45 key visuals and more than 3,000 images.

Guillaume Bekkar
Post-Producer, Rouchon Paris

Post-Production Projects

Our Suites

1 editing & colour grading suite

Editing, colour grading & SFX

1 retouching & editing suite

Developing, retouching, colour correction, editing

1 colour grading and sound booth suite

Colour grading and voiceover recording

2 adjacent suites

Preparation for editing and retouching

The team

+33 1 55 43 31 26
[email protected]

Our other services

As an all-inclusive production company, Rouchon Paris offers post-production as an integral service.


  • A team of photo and video studio managers at your service

  • Equipment and accessories directly on site


  • Technical services in studio or on location


  • Executive or full production of your projects on request

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